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damn, more buggerin' problems

I've started worrying about other people now - this song makes me think so much of Emma CS, and the girl dies in it .... I wonder if she's alright? Has Tom CS got over his bug yet? Is Lee still puking his guts up? Is Chris gaining any weight? Is Shaun feeling any better about himself? And what about Tim - are he and Emma back together or still split up? Is he gambling? Smoking? Cutting? Is Andrew whining his arse off? Are Alex and/or Paul leaving? Is Joe OK now? Has Hattie had plastic surgery? I wish I was at college.

I'm worrying about Kate too, partly because she's worried about me becoming Deryck II, but also because of her boyfriend situation. Dion's on the verge of leaving her. Adam's going into drug rehab. She thinks she might be pregnant. She's STILL pissed off about Cambridge and Wolverhampton universities turning her down. For Chris's sake.

But most of all, I'm worried about Pooka. He's ill, paranoid and missing me like hell. I want to be with him so much. I feel like being with him would make everything better. EVERYTHING. He'd be there to hold my hand through all my worries. I love him. :(

Damn, my mind's diseased. Better get in my KMC shell ....

['mia]. x

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