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I saw a guy at college today with long black hair and a James T-shirt. When he turned round, he had exactly Pooka's face and he looked at me funny. The likeness was just so freaky. Unless you were at Strode College this morning, Pooka, you must have been separated at birth!

Anyway, later on at Bristol Temple Meads station, I saw a massively tall, muscular blonde girl wearing few clothes and with a police badge tattooed on her shoulder. It must be National Lookalike Day, I thought, until said girl sat down next to me and said, "Spatula?". In Bristol, of all places, there was the one and only Kate! It was strange seeing her again, cuz it's been such a long time, and I'm surprised she even knew who I was. Weird! We got to talk for five minutes or so before I got the train.

Apart from that, my CEYP exam went well today. Ish. I think. I hope. And I'm home at the moment, cuz Farleigh's afraid I'll smash things .... I mean, erm, they think I'm having a bad time and I need a bit of time out (to stop me smashing things). So here I am, and I'm not smashing things, which is probably a good thing.

- k.s. x


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