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As the subject goes ....

NOTE. I take back the "Lub Deryck" as I wrote "Deryck is good!!!1" on a bit of paper and a certain member of the care staff who is in love with Tom-care-staff took it v. v. literally and thinks that I fancy Deryck. Now I wouldn't mind her saying that, but she won't shut up about it and takes the piss every five minutes. Ack.

People I don't like right now.
Emma-care-staff as above.
Katy-Pooka-sister as she won't let Pooka go online. :(
Hattie as she wet herself, stank out and was boasting about it.
Alex as he's getting too close for comfort. Tosser.

However, in slightly good news, Chris and I have patched things up and will always be the Team Rocket of Farleigh (Rocketshipping bad). I know that he won't get up to anything like that again (not with me anyway), he didn't know what he was doing and he's certainly not the quasi-rapist I made him out to be.

We were playfighting after our *freezing cold* buffet dinner today, and as usual I'm the strongest one there. Chris and I beat everyone as usual (OK, so maybe we're not exactly Team Rocket, but close enough - meh). I even kicked Alun in the bollocks, mwa ha ha!


- b.k. x


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