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names! (just arsin' around)

These are so perfect! :)

Alex - cute and short but a liar and a cheat.
Alun - shy but sensitive, gets screwed over by women.
Andrew - gáy and has a small pecker.
Andy - see above.
Ben - funny and can be real difficult to beat at games.
Billy - wishes he were popular.
Charlie - can't trust him, eyes too close together.
Chris - can't pull, will pay for women, but has a huge pecker and can use it too.
Dean - full of himself and thinks with his díck.
Eddie - wants too many chicks he'll never get cuz he's an arsehole.
Joe - built like a bear, séxy but tends to lose his head.
Joel - arse.
Justin - aggravating but loveable, insecure but successful.
Lee - gírl dressed up as a boy, total arse bandit.
Lucas [Andrew] - fat loser that dates other men.
Matty - the fat boy of the class, likes sweets and is full of shít.
Michael - very good looking but he'll do anything for a gírl.
Mike - see above.
Nick - nice - can't get past the missionary position though.
Paul - cool, calm and handsome, a quality only found in gáys.
Pete - cutie but very shy, makes women feel like virgins.
Rikki - ugly shíthead whom everybody hátes.
Rob - constantly watches pórn.
Robin - see above.
Roy - total loser and computer genius.
Sam - wannabe séx machine.
Scott - has serious disabilities.
Shaun - bit of a hard bástard, thinks women love him.
Tim - hot but a bit strange, can never tell where he is.
Tobin [Pete] - best blow ever.
Tom - cool but can be arrogant.

Becke - Hairy armpits, órgasms without contact.
Emma - Gullible and easily swayed by a good looker! Likes it from behind.
Flic - She'll stab you with her nípples, plays darts.
Gemma - Does anal, wears too much eye make-up.
Hana - Needs to be náked at all times, eats kebabs.
Helen - Hangs around with the wrong crowd, kínky in bed, loves pórn.
Heidi - The hills are alive with the sound of music, likes gherkins.
Jenny - Huge bréasts, should shave her legs more often.
Kate - Attracted to the older man.
Kelly - smells of cheese, slobbers when kissing.
Kirsty - Eats live moles, can't dance.
Laura - Likes Max power magazine, can't drive.
Lindsey - Likes doggy style, doesn't do housework.
Rachel - Amazing gravity defying bréasts, can grip a tenner in her arsecheeks.
Steph - Eats Muppets, wears Brogues.
Tania - Hot minx, too short.

That was fun.

I have no life - ain't it great? :P

- k.s. x


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