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long time, no update!

Meh. Can't be arsed to update much these days. Ah well, nobody cares. :P

It's the Easter holidays now. I haven't been out much due to very very bad cold, but what I have been doing is looking up what I'm going to do after I finish Farleigh. I doubt very much that I'll get a third year there. I also doubt very much that I want one. Farleigh is driving me mad at the moment, and the only things like about being there are my placement and my friends (all, erm, two of them). However, I don't want to be living at home again. I'm hopefully going to live in a residential care home in Birmingham for AS adults. I might be going to autism.west midlands today to check it out, I'll see what happens.

Apart from that, I'm, well, at home. Not much is happening. I'm trying as hard as I possibly can to be friends with Pooka, but he doesn't seem interested. Gonna meet up with Tim sometime, catch up, y'know. Working on my writing, not getting very far. Singing bad versions of bad Peter Andre song - ugh.

This is a historic day - first time I've ever worn a thong. Jab's thong! Haha! :P

- k.s. x

PS. I got called overweight - first time in ages (not to mention that a size 18 thong feels comfy on me). Me no happy. Must do something about that. Like, erm, I don't know .... die?

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