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taking my regular dose of the jab

Jab is talking to me again! OK, so it's over MSN, but if he wasn't speaking to me at all he would be quite unlikely to IM me. He talks quite a lot actually - he sent me his compositions (which were quite good), he showed me some hilarious stuff that he'd found online, we said a fair few "lol"s .... just like we were friends. We are friends (or at least I like to think that). As Jab said himself, "let's be friends - no more, no less".

I've decided now - instead of "I LOVE Jab, no I HATE Jab, no I LOVE him, no I HATE him", and so on, I'm gonna stick with "I LIKE Jab". It would be much better for both of us. You have no idea how sick I am of falling out with him - well, OK, maybe you do have an idea, but that's not the point. Meh.

Anyway, you lot are probably sick of constantly reading about Rikki-related crap and half of my LJ readership most likely don't read this any more, so I'll give you something a little different (even though it still contains Rikki-related crap, there's plenty of non-Rikki-related crap too, possibly even some non-crap if you're lucky).

I've updated my FictionPress account. I've also done some work on "Somewhere" with my dad - he's worked out the piano and guitar bits for it, so I can bring it to the next music club at Farleigh and have it all ready to record and save Will a lot of work. As well as that, I'm also hoping to get some music for "Little Girl" and "Jab" (they're at the top of the list on my account page) so that the three songs for my demo are sorted. My dad has enjoyed working on "Somewhere", so I'm sure he'd like to do the two other songs as well.

That's basically it, apart from the fact that every party needs a giraffe, but I'm sure you already knew that! :P

- k.s. x

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