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Personal Tutor.

Sit down, shut up and look at me.
Every day that's the way it's gonna be.
Don't write on your arm, eyes off the floor.
That's how it'll be forevermore.

Take off your shoes, be properly dressed.
No, I don't care if you're not being assessed.
Do these exercises, get moving your ass.
I don't care if you're in pain, it's part of the class.

My spelling and grammar are bad, yes it's true.
But that doesn't matter because I'm better than you.
Don't correct me, just do what I say.
And I'll spell your name the conventional way.

You don't deserve sympathy or my support.
Your life doesn't matter, only what you've been taught.
Do all these assignments or else you'll be fired.
And no creativity, just do what's required.

I know that you'd rather be lying in bed.
Or having lessons with my *wonderful* colleague instead.
But for the next two years, I'm God, for sure.
That's how it'll be forevermore.

An accurate picture, methinks. :)

Did my music assessment today (ie. performed Lean On Me). Even though the song is arse, our performance was good. Tom's bongo playing was THE best. :P I think that our last rehearsal (which I thought was the real show, the Becki is v. silly) was better than the actual show though, being as Emma CS buggered it up for me by telling me that Deryck was watching us. I was all laughin' an' laughin' and it was difficult to sing. Dammit Janet, she 'ad it with a rabbit.

Ah well. Was good. My stage dives RULED.

- b.k. x


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Dec. 5th, 2002 11:19 am (UTC)
Well done, love. Always good when assessments of whatever kind can be got rid off.
Love the poem by the way.
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