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Going back to Farleigh soon. Can't wait! :D

I have a feeling something really, really good is gonna happen. I think I might know what it is and, if I told you, it would sound completely mad, but I've spent most of the holiday thinking about it and all the many wonderful ways it could happen. I'll try not to be disappointed if it won't (and, in perspective, it probably won't), but when I look into the future, especially when I'm thinking about it this much, I have a tendency to be right. Just two days to go .... wish me luck.

Seeing Tim today, which will also be good (timisgood, ha ha yeech). Although it's a shame I haven't seen Shaun (this holiday's gone so quick that there didn't seem to be time for that!), seeing Tim is more important cuz I hardly ever see him and I can see Shaun any time I want at Farleigh. It'll be great to catch up and talk about all the stuff that's happened - and as you know, a lot of stuff has happened. Tim's been my best friend for a fair long time and I know I can talk to him about pretty much anything. BTW, Tim, if you ever read this, congratulations on the new job. :)

Also seeing my mum's godmother, who has come all the way from America (Crowded House quote alert, I hear another ha ha yeech coming on). I haven't seen her in - how many years has it been now!? - so it'll be good to see her again too. I wonder if she has brought back the Furby we left in her house on our American holiday all those years ago (feels like millions)? I doubt it, but meh.

Random thought of the day - is Rikki in Amsterdam? (dunno where that came from!)

- k.s. x


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