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Was a good night last night. Sat around with Jenny and Danii, being utterly childish (but then, being 15, they are but children themselves). We made up v. silly rhymes about their friends, viz "Stu is a piece of poo" and "Dan isn't really a man" etc., took the piss out of Rob's square nob (haha) and sent prank e-mail to Stu and Dan's school saying that they are very naughty boys. Also watched Busted on Jonathan Ross, was dead funny.

Ah, I miss being a kid, but at least I can act like one when I'm around them two.

On a more serious note, when Emma Elliott found out that Tim and I were going out, she was not happy. Not angry, just shocked and upset. But we talked things through and she's feeling a bit better about it, and she's glad that it's me he's going out with and not some random whore (like his ex Lucy, who cheated on him and stole his non-existent money). We haven't fallen out and she's OK with Tim too. I think she took it really well.

Woo, seeing Timmeh tomorrow. Can't wait. :D

- k.s. x

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