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From fallensnowdrop, I think.

Abortion? I personally don't agree with it unless the situation is that the mother or child will die or have serious problems before, during or after birth. If you're too young or don't want the kid, put it up for adoption - there are so many couples out there, couples who can't have children, who would kill for a child and just throwing a life away seems ridiculous.
Death Penalty? NO WAY. I almost cried when I saw "Monster" and found out that Aileen Wuornos was put to death. I know she was a mass murderer, but that's not the point. There are so many better ways to deal with criminals.
Prostitution? I don't see what's wrong with it, but I think that prostitutes who are stuck out on the streets with nowhere to live should be cared for and given council flats etc. rather than just looked down on as if they're the scum of the earth.
Marijuana? Should be legal. Tobacco and alcohol are worse for you, and they're freely available aren't they?
Other drugs? Depends what drugs we're talking about. Drugs own my life as it is (legal ones, that is), so I'm all for them as much as possible. But if you mean hard drugs, like ecstasy and heroin, the stuff shouldn't exist. It can kill you in one hit, kids - don't do it!
Gay marriage? Definitely! Marriage is the ultimate declaration of true love, and I think that people of any sexuality should be able to express their love in this way.
Illegal immigrants? I don't understand this issue, so meh.
Smoking? Very important to me, as you know. Smoking made illegal would fuck me up completely.
Drunk driving? No. If you're going out for a piss-up and you're taking a car, make sure you also take a teetotal driver (or at least one who won't drink for that night). If you can't do that, get a bus/taxi there and back. Or, if you live in Frome, go to the pub next door to you. :P
Cloning? I'd love to have an extra Becke. One with a long-term boyfriend, one to sleep around. One with a purple mullet, one with pink pigtails. Hehe. :)
Racism? Completely against it, we are all equal. And that includes anti-white racism, of which there is a lot about and it's not a crime at all.
Premarital sex? All the way. I agree with all kinds of sex - postmarital, premarital and sleeping around (although affairs ain't too great, and neither are condoms but you gotta use em). As long as both sides of the couple are ready, sex of any sort should be allowed.
Religion? I do like religion and my religion is important to me, but I don't like people who think that their religion is the only way forward and that I should be burned at the stake for being a witch etc., because that's racism as much as any other kind. All religious people believe in a God, including Wiccans, believe it or not. We're not evil. We're good people.
The war in Iraq? War in general is bullshit.
Bush? Choke on your sock puppet and die, dumbass.
Downloading music? As limpbizkit said, it's a great way to sample a few tracks off an album before you buy it, especially if you want to listen to a band that's doing fantastically well in another country but you can't hear them on the radio or buy their singles where you live.
The legal drinking age? The 16/18 thing we've got is fine, but 21? Bollocks.
Porn? Not child porn, or people being forced to do it when they don't want to, but otherwise - get it on! ;)
Suicide? As a last resort, but only if you have absolutely nothing going for you and you've tried everything else.

- k.s. x


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