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You know what pisses me off at the moment about Farleigh? Putting students on diets.

It makes no sense to me. Their targets so far are Alun, Tom, Rikki, Charlie and Chris. OK, so the first three are fat and might just need it, and Charlie and Chris do eat a lot of crap, but don't they remember last year when Chris ate practically nothing and went around saying "I'm anorexic"? He's gained weight now and is looking quite healthy, but that isn't enough for the staff. No, he has to be skeletal again.

None of the students actually want to diet anyway (apart from Robin, but he's a twig, and Rikki just to get rid of the "fat cunt" label). They all moan about it - forcing people to do things against their own will is not right.

I have a feeling I'm next in line. I'm on the border between average and overweight, which is not the nicest place to be. These conversations with staff members are my clues ....

"Becke, what are you having for dinner?"
"OK, that's good."

"Becke, where are you going?"
"I'm off to the gym."
"Wow! That's great! You'll get so thin!"

Grr. I'm probably talking complete crap, but this is annoying me. Ah well, not much I can do.

- k.s. x


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