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wisdom from beyond the mullet!

What's under that mullet of Scott's? Let's find out - here's his life philosophies!

"If you think you can get stoned, you can get stoned. That's how Rikki got high on mixed herbs."

"They say life is too short. I say Alex is too short."

Heh. That was fun. :)

Anyway. Other stuff.

We did karaoke last night. Joe Bilbow ruined it by being anally retentive.

But then, Alun and Lindsey did "Barbie Gírl" and "You're The One That I Want", so it was worth it.

Jab isn't here. But he's fat. Fatty fat fat fat fattedy fat fat. Bikki miss the fat.

Tim isn't here either. Tim not well. Bikki miss the Tim and wish he feel good. :(

Way for random posts.

- k.s. x

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