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Kerrang! TV rocks!

We have digital now, and I've been watching Kerrang! TV. Can't remember the last time I was up at 8am watching it (apart from today) - must have been last year at Fourwinds! Oh, the memories!

KoRn - "Thoughtless"? I haven't heard that in such a long time! Sum 41 - "In Too Deep"? Even longer! Now I've got all wrapped up in Busted, The Darkness and Crowded House (and, of course, eJay mixes), I've completely forgotten how good the classics of rock music are. Of course, they weren't classics then, but now they are and they bring back so many memories of the old Fourwinds days.

Remember when I used to write about going out with Pooka and how much I loved him, and Tim was my best friend and no more? When I used to go to the pub with Tim, Ben, Emma, Sam, Chris and Flic (Chris and Flic - that was so funny!), and I spilt Ben's drinks all over him every time? When Chris was actually a nice boy with normal hair and ribs that stuck out more than any erection I've ever seen? When Lee was obsessed with his penis (Aaaaaaaandrew Lucas!)? Shaun having temper tantrums and smashing the greenhouse, Sam throwing pennies and smashing glasses - of course, people still smash things now, but it's nowhere near as good. Alex in love with Hattie - oh my God, Hattie. She was hilarious. I miss that girl (if "girl" is the right word) so much. Rikki may be the Official Fat Person now, but deep down, it's still gotta be Hattie.

Honestly, who needs Jab, Scott or Charlie? Who needs Robin's big nob and even bigger gob? Who needs to actually win against Newbury in football games? Who needs Bristol shopping trips when there was Bath? OK, maybe the last one's going a bit too far but you get my point, right? Everything I ever wanted and needed was there last year. If I could do anything to Farleigh right now, I'd send us back in time.

Anyway, enough ranting - I know full well it's gone and it'll never be back. But it was great, like, the best thing ever. There's nothing wrong with thinking about it, is there? And if there is, then damn hell I'll be wrong.

TOSSER! (that's such a great word - how come no-one uses it any more!?)

- m.a. x [I was still good ol' muziana then!]


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May. 28th, 2004 03:34 am (UTC)
Use of the word "tosser"
Dear stranger,

Having just spoken to a complete stranger on yahoo messenger (someone who, shortly afterwards, I found to be a lady by the name of Lacy), I was drawn to this web site by her "hot links" - or what ever name yahoo gives for links.

In brief... I agree: tosser is a great word - memories of school playground jokes and complete idiots (friends) spiral back through the murky waters of recent history. lol

Yours sincerely,

Halisi Drysdale

p.s. I tried to be formal - but add "to55er" and the whole things a joke! Please don't screen me whoever has the job of Screen master of the realm of network operators from hell. And if you're automated, and for some reason have gained intellegence (I've seen bi-centenial man), please be gentle on my weak human efforts?.
May. 28th, 2004 03:39 am (UTC)
Comments are automatically screened on my LJ cuz people type some offensive shit, but you seem OK so yours is unscreened. :) Thanks for reading!

Lacy - hmm. I think I know who she is - in fact, I definitely know who she is. Way, someone promoting me! :D

k.s. x
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