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confusing ....

Just phoned Tim. I talked to an actual Leanne (who sounded very different to the last Leanne I heard), who claimed he's been working in Solihull, with her as a co-worker, since last Friday. He claimed that he'd got fired from Scotland yesterday and yet last night he said he phoned me from there. Surely he wouldn't be calling at 11am from a new job when it takes just under five hours by train (which he said he took to get there) to get from Edinburgh to Birmingham. Just checked National Rail Enquiries - the earliest train today got in at 10:58am. It takes more than a couple of minutes to get from Birmingham New Street to Solihull.

On top of that, although she's not that reliable a source, I got a text message from Lucy saying that he did see her this morning. He said he's on the phone to her right now, and that he's going to go round to her house and smack her - yesterday he said that he'd never smack a woman, not even Lucy. Yet another lie.

And then there's all the old stuff - the fact that he even looked for a job so far away, the pay there (£950 a day, £2,000 for the whole week, he said - he could make it make sense at least!), Sam not knowing (I talked to Sam the other day and he had no idea - Tim tells Sam absolutely everything, and he'd never miss out anything as big as this), the stuff Lucy said before. Don't know what you think, but to me, it adds up more than Tim's maths.


- k.s. x


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