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Hope this turns out well. :\

In the meantime - here is our BATTLE PLAN (well, mine).

Target : Lucy (and lots of Fromies - we don't like them).
Location : Frome Battlefield (aka. back garden of North Parade).

The Army.
Field Marshal Bikki (aka. kess the ninja pirate) : Commanding troops and mood-swingin'.
Field Marshal Hana : Commanding troops and battleaxe-swingin'.
General Tim : Smacking Lucy silly (not involved with intelligence).
General Chris (aka. chris the ninja pirate) : Packs a damn good jab-punch.
Staff Sergeant Sam (aka. Secret Agent Sam) : He has his ways.
Sergeant Charlie : Making the weaponry (especially flamethrowers).
Sergeant Scott : Spy who hides in trees - with smoke bombs.
Corporal Pooka : Making tea and being a pacifist - until we need him to kick arse!
Corporal Rikki : Filming the thing (it be good movie), making tea and sitting on people.
Corporal Nick : Making tea, supplying fags and having breasts.
Private Parts : Dunno who he is or what he does, but we gotta have someone called that.
Private Nerfy : Tarantula - why not?
Hattie : Well, every army needs a tank ....

EDIT : Put Corporal Pooka in, promoted Nerfy cuz she's cool, promoted Rikki and Nick as we had too many Privates (ha ha, very funny), also found out that Field Marshal is a higher rank than General and that Agent isn't actually a rank, though Sam still has to be a secret agent cuz he'd make a brill one. Neither is ninja pirate, but that had to go in somewhere! Will make filmscript of this soon.

We will KILL Lucy and the Fromies! MWA HA HA!

- k.s. x


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