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new book!

Starting work on my new book, "How To Do Things The Sexy Mullet Way", including ....

* How To Ask Someone Out If You're A Complete Coward
* How To Become A True Shopaholic
* How To Flirt The Groinlion Way
* How To Have Sex And Love It
* How To Jabber Effectively
* How To Make A Flamethrower And Abuse It
* How To Make A Magickal Cup Of Tea
* How To Piss Strange Drunken Fromies Off
* How To Tell If Someone Fancies You
* How To Use A Dildo
* How To Waste Lots And Lots Of Time
* How To Wax Your Mullet
* How To Write A Book Full Of Pointless Shit

.... any many more things no-one cares about. If you ever want to know this shit, just ask! :)

- k.s. x

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