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dim random person

Never trust random people who contact you on MSN, promote something and then fuck off and never speak to you again (doubt this Ryzom plugger will ever speak to me again, he seems like one of those). The first time I ended up with Paltalk (crap chat program designed for people who live in countries ending with "stan"), second time I ended up with Jabber Messenger (which would be a perfectly good program if anyone actually used it), and this time I've ended up with a game that looks bloody good, but (a) won't actually download and (b) even if it does you're only able to play it on certain weekends. Damn, I was all hopeful an' all.

God, there is something seriously juicy which I am dying to say on here, but the one who told me said that it might not be true and also might have to stay a secret. I hate secrets so much. When I have one, I just have to tell someone. I'm generally tactful enough to tell who knows of but doesn't have any contact with the person or people involved, which is good because it means that they might actually care what's going on but they won't tell anyone (at least not anyone who shouldn't know). Grr, wanna tell someone! Wanna tell someone NOW!

That's enough jabbery for tonight. Fag, then either book or bed methinks. Night.

- b.k. x


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Jul. 4th, 2004 07:59 am (UTC)
Tell me! Tell me!
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