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I never update any more do I?

I just can't be arsed these days .... meh.

But you might want and/or need to know. So I'll give you my life story (or at least my past week story).

I updated on Wednesday, so I need not say much. Misty costume was crap, but my Sit Down duet with Shaun was fun (even though he got all the words wrong and I'm never working with a parrot - yes, he was dressed up as a parrot! - again). Before that, I did "Ana's Song (Open Fire)" by Silverchair. It was v. well-received and everyone seemed to think it was my own song, even though I couldn't write lyrics that great if my life depended on it. "And you're my obsession, I love you to the bones, and Ana wrecks my life, like my anorexia life, open fire ...."
So all was well until I started singing a song called "Little Light", which I wrote in summer 2001 and first performed at Christmas 2001. It's a beautiful song about love at Christmas. Some of the words -
Thing is, I had a seizure (why did I almost write "I had a sex" then!?) halfway through the first chorus. Which sucked. :(

I'll write more about the week later. Can't be arsed now.

- b.k. x

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