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new friends, dreams, etc.

So many people I've never heard of have answered my poll, and I've added you people who did to my friends list for the sake of it. Hope ya don't mind - and if ya do mind, it's easy enough not to add me back. :)

Had a weird dream last night. I was in my bedroom playing The Sims, Morty was there snogging some pretty blonde girl named Cassie (who looked nothing like but sounded exactly like Lucy) and I was pissed off cuz no-one was snogging me. Jenny, Cat and Martin Daycock were playing The Sims with me and Shaun was talking to another pretty blonde friend of Morty's about James. Then Chloe and Jab walked into the room, Chloe took Martin away from us and went, but Jab got on the bed next to Morty and Cassie and I abandoned my Sims game to hug him. We didn't kiss or anything, I didn't even want us to kiss, but we hugged lots and lots. I asked him, "What was that for?" and he let me go and gave no answer. We went down for a fag (he had his own for once - that's the weirdest bit of it all!), and while we were smoking, he suggested that we run away to Bristol together and don't get back till midnight. Then I woke up.

How come I always wake up at the good part of dreams? I wanted to go to Bristol!

Speaking of Rikki and Bristol, Rikki's mum invited me over to her house. Jab himself didn't, just his mum. Strange, I thought that Rikki's mum would be overprotective, the kind of mother that wouldn't let him go near a girl, let alone have one stay at his house. But I suppose when I introduced myself as "Rikki's friend", she must have thought, "Rikki doesn't have many friends, we should make him be better friends with this one!" or something like that. :P I wonder if I should take his mum up on that? He does live in Bristol .... shops .... hmm, maybe I'll spend a minimal amount of time with Rikki and do lots and lots and lots of shopping. Not take him shopping cuz that would just be mean, but hit the shops before and after I see him. Great idea. :)

Anyway, that's about enough jabber (Jab jabber, hehe) for one entry. I go fag and I might just get dressed today. Got hospital later. Wonder if Dr. Buggery (erm, Bagary even) will be pissed off that I missed the last one?

- b.k. x

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