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my holiday is suddenly getting busy ....

1. Holiday in Spain for two weeks.
2. Holiday in New Forest for six days.
3. Seeing donkey (now postponed to 17th).
4. Seeing Lammas Lodge (possibility for next year if Rookery House doesn't happen).
5. Getting wired up to that machine for 2-3 days.
6. Having jab plus required quarantine due to mood swings. - sod quarantine, I'll be moody somewhere
7. Staying with Shaun and Sam in Weston-super-mud.
8. Shaun and Sam staying with me. - I think I'll say no to that for now
9. Staying with Chris and Hana in Woking. - CANCELLED
10. Chris and Hana coming to mine to see donkey. - leave till some sort of Farleigh home weekend
11. Possibly going to Canterbury to see Meghan (and Morty, of course).
12. Meeting up with Alex / Tim in Birmingham. - combine the two somehow
13. Leeds Festival (how could I forget that!?).
14. Three-day assessment at Rookery House.
15. Social Services assessment.
16. Parkview Clinic appointment.
17. Sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping. - I think there won't be much time for that

How am I supposed to fit all this in!? And I expected to be doing nothing ....

EDIT 1 : Worked out a few things.
EDIT 2 : ARG! More stuffs! :\

- b.k. x


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