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I've been reading "Candlemas" by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K. OK, so it's not the most compelling read ever to exist, but I love the Tales of Brigid. I often read something and think "I wish I was like her", but I want to be like Brigid more than I could ever want to be like anyone else. Sadly, being Brigandine Wiccan and wanting to be a good person like Brigid is not enough to promote me to God status. In fact, the way I am now demotes me to something the opposite of God status, whatever that is. I probably can't even call myself a witch any more, because I have always said that there is no such thing as a bad witch.

Must make resolution to be like modern-day Brigid - but how do I do that? I doubt I will see any lepers wanting to be healed or cows wanting to be rescued any time in the near future, and I doubt even more that I could perform the required miracles. I wonder what she'd be doing if she lived today? Whatever it would be, one wouldn't be likely to find her sitting around smoking, drinking tea and typing her LiveJournal while people's lives have been wrecked by what she did.

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