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As I'm not sleepy just yet, I'm reading more Brigid stuffs, and I have found the perfect word to describe myself - "Brigand". The original Brigands were warriors who were trained by Brigantia (the name for Brigid's aspect as warrior), mostly in self-defence and martial arts rather than "let's go out and start wars and kill lots of innocent people" type training. However, the meaning of "brigand" has changed. It no longer means a fighter for peace as the original Brigands were, but a bandit who is out to hurt people. This was, as many things were when Roman Christians decided that paganism was bad and that people like Brigid were pagan (by the way, although she is worshipped by pagans, this is not true - Brigid was a Christian) just because people followed them, changed by the Christians who had a hold upon the country.

Anyway, as I was saying about me, I am a Brigand because I was once considered a v. good person, and deep down I still think I am - but true Brigands are now thought of as bad people, just like modern brigands (I'll distinguish the two with the capital letter - I hope I don't have to start a sentence with a bad brigand, hehe), and in the case of Bikki the Brigand, she is often considered a brigand by herself. I feel a bit better about myself now, especially as I have 1. kinda reconciled things with Hana, 2. talked a lot of things over with Pooka (he's such a great friend now and I am determined to keep it that way) and 3. remembered Brigid and committed myself to my faith even more so than before. Although I don't think that attempting to live up to a Brigandine lifestyle will change me, I can try, can't I?

Enough Brigid talk, you'd think I was trying to convert everyone! :P I'm not, BTW. I may like my religion and Brigid a lot (in case you hadn't guessed) and it has helped me find the real me today, but I'm definitely not out to have an entire friends list made up of Brigantes! Your beliefs and/or disbeliefs are up to you and I respect all of them, especially the wonderful Christian faith (no sarcasm) of my big brother, morti.

Goodnight and Blessèd Be! :)

- b.k. x


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