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holiday is teh gay ....

.... well, it's alright actually. Let's see if it fits my holiday expectations so far.

Nice house. No. Just .... no. The place we're staying in sucks. The sofas make it look like the owners need a visit to DFS and/or Supersofaman himself Chris Pardoe (you have no idea how much I miss college!), the bathroom gives no privacy whatsoever and as for the beds - well, you could put a sheet on a brick wall and it'd be about as comfortable. It just plain SUCKS.

Shops, etc. within walking distance. Hmm. They're over the road, but that means either walking across potholey grass or taking the car, followed by crossing a long, long, überlong bridge. Ack.

A good Chinese restaurant. Yes. Brill to the 0rz, baby.

Hilarious Morti moments. He got strip-searched at the airport, LOL! "The guard was feeling my bollocks!" he said. Turned out that his inhaler had set off the metal detector. He also brought enough underwear to cover the whole of Spain. Silly Morti.

Being allowed to speak Spanish. Nope, my dad has to order everything in a loud, slow British voice, ignoring the fact that I speak almost fluent Spanish and would like to make use of it.

Someone missing the one they love. In Majorca, Morti missed Merinne. In France, Jenny missed Phil. This time, it's my turn to miss Pooka. And I miss you love .... :'(

Farting (plus Mother and Jennifer laughing about it). Sadly, yes.

So it's not v. good. On top of that, we all have other places to be. Morti got invited to Manchester, Jenny got invited to a few squillion parties and I want to be with Pooka.

Meh. Lo siento - ¡el Meh! y ¡feliz año nuevo!

- b.k. x</b>


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Dec. 31st, 2002 06:59 am (UTC)
Now you see, if I didn't exist, this would be all right...

Sounds good, sounds bad. Kind of -ish. Why is it that family holidays are always like that? Ah well. Don't know, don't care. Nice to hear about a good old bit of Morti abuse, though - always makes holidays worth the while... AND AGAIN I SAY GETCHA MIND OUTTA DA GUTTA!! ...nevertheless.

I say nevertheless too often...

...you have what? Three days left? Er... you still sure about me coming to visit? I mean, um, Jenny'd really take kindly to that... mwa ha ha ha ha.

...um... just try and have fun tonight, and - er - throughout the rest of the holiday, um, enjoy the journey back and... uh... I'm bad at this.

Love you. x
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