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the mort returns!

morti has come home! He also has a Rikkimullet, which means the sides aren't quite long enough for it to be a proper Bikkimullet, but it's still a mullet. My mum has one of these too, as does Rikki (you'd never guess that, would you?). But Morty's is definitely the best Rikkimullet I've seen, by a cunt-tree mile.

Anyway, apart from mullets (which always must come first in any case), he's home to go on holiday to Spain with us, which is tomorrow. I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad that I'm going. It's sad because I'm missing Shaun and Sam's pub crawl, it could mean I have to go to Rookery House later cuz I won't have much time left over for my three-day assessment, I'm missing my jab due date (which could get rid of my period if I have it on time), I have my period which, knowing my luck, is going to fuck up any chance of me wearing a bikini this holiday (probably good for the Spicks as I'll be keeping my hairy legs and baby fat to myself, but bad for me as I won't be able to swim), I probably won't get to be a robot for three days for a while (OK, maybe that's not so bad) and .... well, most of the holidays in Spain with my family have sucked so far, and I fear this may be the same.

As for the happy side, my dad's told me that it's going to be a chilled-out holiday, not much driving and absolutely no sightseeing (if I can help it!). It'll be good to get away from doing fuck all at home, and I won't have to be a robot for three days at any point in Spickland. It's also a good thing to have all five of us together. That hasn't happened in a very long time, what with me being in Frome, Morty being in Canterbury and Jenn being at Stu's, Dave's, Danii's, Cat's or the skate park.

Anyway, enough of that. Need tea, need fag, and need them NOW!

- b.k. x


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