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spanish keyboard is a bitch

¿Why can't the whole world have the same bleddy keyboards?

Anyway, meh. Holiday here not great. Been pulling unintentional all-nighters - not a sign of goodness, in all honesty. Feeling bad about some stuffs. Been bored. Threw a cup of tea at my brother, that was good. :P Haven't been swimming or beaching, still on period, so no bikini. Hopefully ending soon. Everyone teasing me about Dan as well, that hopefully ending soon too. Jenn loves Stu, she won't talk about anything else.

As for other things (you know who you are), I'll let ¡Busted! speak for me.

I don't give a damn about you,
No, nothing can change my mind, no way,
I'm happy just to let you walk away.
Don't think about and I,
I'm happy to be alone, it's OK,
But that was yesterday and now I'm

Driving in my car,
Words don't get me far,
When they told me "shh" ....

I'm calling you at 3am and I'm
Standing here right outside your door,
Cuz I don't think that my heart can take much more.
I'm scared of cracking up again, I just
Want it to be like it was before,
Cuz I don't think that my heart can take much more.

'nuff of that. Meh. Bored now. Hana, if you're there, I hope you've sorted it all. Bye.

- b.k. x


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