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can't be arsed to update ....

.... but I will anyway.


1. Just had jab (noooo not THAT Jab, no thanks) and my ass hurts. Pillows no help.
2. Jet-lagged. Got back from Spain at 2am. Grr. Cuppas keeping me going.
3. Spain was very not good. Was too hot. But Jenny and drunkenness were good.
4. Oh yeh, I ate mullet (the fish). V. nice when bones, tails and eyeballs cut off.
5. Mullets are unattractive (apart from Lisa's), neither are fags. Must give up both.
6. Cups of tea are very, very attractive. Would rather die than give them up.
7. Screwed in the heart at the moment. Me no want Dan, Scott, Robin, Rikki any more.
8. Only want one person. I love him, he love me, but we can't be together. It complicated.
9. Jenn and Stu are in love and it be annoying. But I know name of Stu's nob, ha ha.
10. Irene is gay. Don't know who she is, but she's very, very gay.

"In my dreams I'll always see Stu soar across the sky ...."

No-one will understand that. But it's very funny if you do and are drunk at the time. :P

- b.k. x

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