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i'm going to hell!

Just been looking at Bible sites (really into this stuffs since seeing Morty again) and apparently, epileptics are possessed by the devil and therefore must be going to hell. Not much point in me believing in God now then, I've got no chance! I have also got to apologise for the number of times I've sinned by having periods and not gone to a priest to confess and repent. I'd go down right now because mine just finished yesterday, but because I have a blemish (in the Bible it calls disabilities blemishes, but I suppose it could also mean my eczema, or that bastardly spot under my eye), I can't go into a church! Life's fun when you believe the Bible, isn't it?

Heh. Apart from that, I going to give up smoking soon as I finish this 100-pack of fags. Very mad idea, but I have my reasons. I might blame it on a Bible sin, though I'll have to check that. I wish I was Christian sometimes, it'd be a good laugh. But being as I'm going to hell, there's no point in trying to make myself a "better" person.

- b.k. x


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