bikz (bikz) wrote,

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sleep .... dreams .... nightmares .... etc.

Can't sleep.

Seriously, can't sleep, because ....

1. I'm not tired, like, at all.

2. Even if I was tired, I'm crying too much to sleep.

3. Even if I was tired and I didn't cry, I can't sleep because I'm afraid to dream.

Dreams cannot be good at a time like this.

Need someone to talk to. Could phone Pooka, but what if he's asleep and I annoy him?

My mum would be good, but she's definitely asleep. And Jenn's at Danii's.

The ones I'd talk to online are Hana, Roy, Scott and Rikki, but none of them are on.

Why do my bad feelings usually come in the early hours of the morning?

To fuck up my life, that's why. And I deserve it.

- b.k. x

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