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Was about to post a thing where I described my life using titles of Busted songs, but it was 1. v. v. sad because I'd used every Busted song ever released, all the singles, album tracks and B-sides, plus one that was never released, 2. it was getting silly by the end (how the hell do I include "Thunderbirds Are Go!"?) and 3. it was a bit too revealing about my private life. So I Said No to putting it up. Ha ha ha, that's not funny. :P

Anyway, so what I'm going to say is - I just got a call from Shaun, more Sandy Balls trivia, and I was getting annoyed. The truth is about Sandy Balls ....


Seriously, I don't. I did at first, but now Shaun's made such a big thing of it. If it was a last-minute plan, I'd love it and be looking forward to it. But being as we have been planning for months on end, and it's going to cost me a lot of money that I don't even have, it's pissed me off so much. I wish I suddenly had something to do that couldn't be done any other day - last-minute RPG place, big party with Jenny's mates, seeing other friends, some holiday I'd forgotten about, assessment at Rookery House, doctor's appointment, exam for some course I forgot I was doing, bikini wax, smear test, Pooka's wedding, my funeral .... ANYTHING would do.

I wish Sandy Balls wasn't my place (well, my family's place). If it wasn't, I'd have pulled out a long time ago. But the thing is, I have to go, or no-one goes. And I'm nice enough not to ruin Shaun's fun (and Sam's and Ben's too, but they don't care as much as Shaun and would probably just say, "OK" if the whole thing was called off).

Why did I ever agree to this?

- b.k. x


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