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First the college computers went fucked, then LiveJournal went fucked. Ah well, I'm OK now.

So much has happened.

* Mr. and Mrs. Care-Staff are in love, and I fixed them up. :) They went on holiday together, even got tattoos together for fuck's sake - I've created a monster. Tom's view on things - "we only shared a bed in Prague because mine broke during a hardcore pillow fight", "that ring on her finger was just a New Year's present" and "I have no idea why Emma's on the pill." Yeh, yeh. :P Emma's view on things - "Becki, you can be my bridesmaid". mwahahalol.

* Chris and Sam are also in love and I have heard them fucking against the door. Again, mwahahalol.

* I've seen Chris naked. *coughproanorexictriggerpicturecough* It is very scary - and sexy. mwahahalol.

* Loads of people are depressed - Lee apparently has some sort of chronic depression (which I'm not meant to guess, but he said that), Shaun likes smashing things and running off and Alex is just annoying. Good thing we have Paul Reynolds to beat him to death. mwahahalol.

* Hattie's tits are called Jeff and Shaun. mwahahalol.

* Speaking of tits ....
Becki : "I'm sorry I couldn't do my presentation, Deryck."
Deryck *talking to Becki's cleavage with big smiles* : "That's OK, you're having me tomorrow so we can do it then."

* Hattie : "Alex I LOVE YOU!" Need I say more? mwahahalol.

* The same evening in the jacuzzi (we came across Newbury) ....
Andrew Lucas (Hattie's "boyfriend") : "It's hard working at Newbury and I miss Hattie a lot."
Becki : "Did you know Hattie said she loves Alex?"
AL *shocked* : "Tell Hattie I'm not very pleased with her."

* Tom Clayson (care staff) has just pulled the door off the minibus. mwahahalol.

* Meh. I'll do more later.

- b.k. x


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