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lausie etc.

Just been talking to lausie_ and she's actually a lot nicer than I first thought. The thought of people who have perfect lives and don't have a care in the world physically sicken me, but she's alright really. She gave a few strange suggestions ("I think Pooka should kill himself") and doesn't know much about true love ("Does it have to be him?"), but she's good to talk to. It was a coincidence - I was just about to comment on her LJ and then she started talking to me. Weird. But anyway, she's pretty cool. :)

Hmm, maybe I should move to South Africa. The two people I know who live there are very, very happy. Lausie, obviously, and Lee, who was one of my best ever mates at Farleigh. He never much liked Britain (well, I wouldn't either if I lived in crappy Kidderminster or was doing Skillpower at college), and he's ecstatically happy to be back in the country he was born in. Is everyone in South Africa happy? They're probably happier than me.

In fact, changed my mind - too hot there. If I can't stand the heat in Spain, I'd hate it in Africa. Maybe I'll bugger off to Ireland instead - naw, too close. New Zealand maybe, that sounds good. Hey, maybe if after I finish in Radstock, going to a different country for a few years might sort me out a bit! Then I can come back to lovely Somerset, fresh with new experiences and new happiness. It worked for Becky in "Shopaholic Abroad" by Sophie Kinsella, it worked for Lyssa in "With Or Without You" by Carole Matthews - OK, those are works of fiction, but the authors did the same thing and they said in the thankyous that they liked it. Yes, I have a cunning plan! Haven't had one of those in a while. Should have them more often.

Anyway, before I go to South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand or even Radstock, I have a life in Aldridge to sort out.

But the thing is - how do I do that!?

- b.k. x

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