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Just been talking to BJ (aka. Ben Johnston) online - he's great. Apart from voyeur182 (I've been talking to her a lot recently, she's great too) and obviously Morty and Jenn, he's been on my MSN list longer than any other person. He gives relationship advice like Stu (who comforted me about Robin by saying, "Robin's a girl's name!" - LOL). I told him about Pooka, and he suggested that he's not worth going out with because he probably secretly wears women's underwear. Haha! :P Don't really agree with that though. But I haven't seen Pooka in a very long time - hmm, maybe he's changed a bit. Haven't seen BJ in a long time either, we should meet up again (we've only met once - he was v. v. drunk at the time and I didn't know it was him at first).

Man, I love this song. It describes me so well. I'm glad Shaun introduced me to it.

"I don't keep my secrets there,
I hide them everywhere.
I could deny, but I'll never realise,
I'm just chasing rainbows, all the time.
I could deny, but I'll never realise,
I've been chasing rainbows, all my life."

Brilliant. As long as I'm not chasing Edward Rainbow, except maybe with a machete or something.

- b.k. x

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