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Talking to Pooka about the RPG reminds me of good things - my childhood days of making puerile fantasy filmings! The best was "The Dread Of Night", the first one I ever did. It was with Jenn and Kim. We had such a laugh making it. We'd scripted it and had some of the costumes, but we never got round to filming it. Shame, cuz it was actually good. Well, it was good for three girls aged 13, 10 and 9, at least. It was about the wacky adventures of Mewtikka Katchinawit (me, with an ownage name) and Zilla Williams (Kim, with a crap name). Jenn was a supporting actress, playing some mate of theirs called Reena. Mewtikka was a supposedly normal teenager, apart from the fact that she sneaked out at night to study at the prestigious Morexville Magic Academy, where she learnt vampire slaying (Kim's idea, she was kinda Buffy obsessed at the time). Zilla was a radio DJ, fairly average person until she put on her fake nails (that is so Kim) and became evil vampire Drusilla (more Buffy references). As for Reena, she was, erm, not much. Then we had the supporting characters - Jenn as Drewsellia, who was nothing to do with Reena, but was Drusilla's even more evil mate who was the most bloodthirsty thing, like, ever. I played three more - Rosalia (the only non-evil vampire in the film), Bikini (witchy person who, erm, wears a bikini) and Kendra (who occasionally turned up to die, an obvious South Park spoof, and was scrapped because she was only there to take the piss out of Morty's online girlfriend's name anyway).

OK, so it was Buffy gone wrong, Reena said "Oh God, Zilla!" so many times that it simply lost its funniness (if it was ever funny in the first place), Aldridge isn't the best place to represent a secret vampire-filled town and the fake nails idea was just plain stupid, but it was lots of fun and I would love to do something like that again. Of course, there will never be anything as mad as that, and I'll eat Chris's socks if I ever find anything like it.

Ah well, I can always reminisce ....

- b.k. x

PS. Before you ask, Pooka, this is not me begging for an RPG place, it's just me talking shite. :P

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