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1. I didn't fail my History In A Box assignment - I was a bit nervous, but my singing at the end really saved it (did Ana's Song by Silverchair). Deryck said he liked my use of images. And I know he was sincere, because he was smiling, but he was talking to my face, yay. :)

2. I'm going to be Little Miss Care-Staff. Emzi and Tomzi are going to adopt me and run away to Barbados. And we'll bring Kelly, and Pooka. I'm so sad. Meh, I know it's Bollie Locks, but Emma and I are really good mates. I know it's weird for staff and student to get on so well, but we do.

3. I can sing. And dance. Way.

4. Alex broke the door off the minibus this morning, so I got a morning off - no warm-ups with Dom, yay! Alex finally did something right. :)

5. With any luck, I'll be going to some sort of ecstatic dance workshop. Which will be the coolest thing, like, ever. Apart from Pooka, of course.

6. I know some well dodgy stuff about Alex. I'll tell later.

7. D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DANGERMOUSE!!!!!!!!!111

b.k. x

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