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mmm, beer

Laptop. Beer. Gotta be careful not to pull a Morty .... :P

Wow, one hour till I smoke my last. I've saved a "Dan fag" (a good 'un that Dan gave me when he came back from his holiday to .... well, I can't remember where, but that isn't the point) for my final, cuz they're v. nice and not as high in nicotine as my usual Richmond King Size either. Dan's OK sometimes, but can get quite annoying. One of those people, like Kim, who's best in small doses.

Beer is nice and helps me sleep, so I won't lay awake all night thinking about fags. I got an early appointment tomorrow, and it's quite important that I be there. I've had too many early appointments lately - when was the last time I had a proper long sleep that wasn't during the day!? Bloody doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, epilepsy specialists, social workers, contraceptive administrators (I want that to be my job title, it'd be so cool!), etc.

Wow, I actually feel good. My mood swings more than .... a swing. An overactive swing.

Anyway, enough updating. I'll update more soon, probably, knowing boring ol' me!

- b.k. x


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