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woohoo! :D

Just had my last fag. And proud. Shame there wasn't someone there to share in my glory - I would have loved to have been standing with Sam, Shaun and Gill, the old Lock Inn group, as they're great friends and would give me wonderful encouraging words. I don't know whether I'll start smoking again, but I hope I don't. Although the fag I had was pretty good as far as fags go, I kept thinking how bad they really taste and wondering why I was influenced enough to ever start. I have quite a few flaws in my character, and being easily influenced is one of them. Ah well, I hope I can get over that as I grow up.

The other thing I was thinking about was Jenn and Stu. I really, really don't want Stu to be cheated on. I don't know him that well, but I do know that he truly loves Jenn (apart from the one Pooka gave me, I have never seen such a gorgeous ring in my life) and wants to be friends with me too (he gave me a big hug today completely out of nowhere, which was cool although it was v. v. crazy). Merinne shouldn't have been cheated on, Pooka definitely shouldn't have been cheated on (I still hate myself for that, and Robin for the influence he had on me back then) and Stu doesn't deserve it either. I don't know this Wella guy at all, for all I know he might be even better than Stu, but he's probably not worth it at all. I must talk to Jenn about this - I don't want her to get the "I Crush On Someone While I Do The Sex" bug that the Hayes family seem to have.

I was also thinking about being a lesbian, but I think that's the effects of beer. :P

Anyway, I'm feeling quite sleepy now (that's the good effects of beer) and I think I might go straight to bed now. Night, my loverrrrrrrrs!

- b.k. x


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