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haven't got much to write about

In fact, I've got fuckloads I want to write about, but have been instructed not to. All who need to know will know soon. So anyway, talked to Shaun today. He is so obsessed with this holiday - damn, I wish it wasn't happening. I want to be able to talk about other things with Shaun, to be able to talk to him properly. Much more important things are going on in my life, and this holiday is a bottom priority. I have no-one to talk to, seriously. I've messaged a few people on MSN (which is quite unusual cuz I always wait for people to talk to me), and not one of them has replied to my messages. How come when I want to be left alone everyone talks to me, and when I want to talk everyone leaves me alone? Meh. Makes no sense.

Hmm .... meant to be singing this song with Dan for Jenn and Stu's wedding. Doubt it somehow. Get this - he buys her a pair of rollerblades, £250, just as a random gift, and she's still obsessed with Wella. Hang on, this isn't right. Jenn already did the cheaty thing with Adam. Surely she can't do it twice .... ?

Ah well. I hope they do get married (apparently in five years), then I can sing with Dan, dressed as a candlestick and a teapot. It'd be great. :P Ooh, now Crashed The Wedding's on - "true love lasts forever". I know. *dream0rz*

- b.k. x

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