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From morti.

F I R S T S.
First best friend : Anna Wilson.
First car : Never had one.
First crush : Darren Mew (a swimmer I saw on TV once and was obsessed with for months).
First real kiss : Andrew Watkin.
First self purchased album : Spice Girls - Spice.
First funeral : Never been to one.
First pet : First family pet was Ethel, first pet of mine was Moses. Cats.
First piercing/tattoo : My ear piercings, which healed over years ago.
First credit card : Haven't had one, got a debit card though. They're better.
First enemy : Alex Wheble, I s'pose.
First musician you remember hearing in your house : My dad.

L A S T S.
Last cigarette : Not too long ago .... :P
Last car ride : Back from Birmingham New Street / Asda (stopped to use to the bog) yesterday.
Last good cry : Yesterday.
Last library book checked out : I think it was "Girls' Night Out" by Kathy Lette, ages ago.
Last movie seen : 10 Things I Hate About You.
Last beverage drank : Halfway through a cup of tea now. :)
Last food consumed : Cheese toastie.
Last crush : Dan Martin.
Last phone call : Pete Wiggins, talking complete crap basically.
Last time showered : In Spain. :P (I have baths mostly)
Last CD played : Unbalanced Grass - Sappharis Moonstone.
Last annoyance : Mikki's boyfriend (I know they're together, I saw them snogging, lol), the cat who not only thinks he lives here, he thinks he owns the place. The only cat in the world who is more annoying than Mikki herself. I scared him off though, ha ha.
Last disappointment : Something that happened yesterday.
Last word you said : "me" (to my mum, I said, "You're so nice to me").

F U T U R E.
Where do you want to go? : For a fag. :P
Your career going to be? : Care staff! :)
Where are you going to live? : Radstock, then maybe a year or two in New Zealand (I'm really warming to this), then Frome to pursue my lovely career!
Do you want any kids? : Definitely. Just need someone to have em with, unless I could adopt Sophie (aww, wish I could, poor abandoned kid).

C U R R E N T.
Current mood : I don't know. OK-ish (for once!).
Current taste : Tea in my mouth. :P
Current clothes : Pale pink nightie (Busted quote alert!) with a pink bunny on it.
Current longing : Luuuuuuuuuuuuurve ..................
Current favourite artist : Crowded House probably, but I'm getting into Shed Seven and Faith Hill.
Current book you're reading : Shopaholic Ties The Knot, plus a bit of Bible and Satanic Bible on the side (never read too much of either of those at once - Satanic Bible is also a less evil Christian Bible without the boring bits, so it's almost like reading the same book twice).

W H A T S.
What's in your CD player? : Don't have one.
What colour socks are you wearing? : None.
What colour underwear? : Black.
What's under your bed? : A lot of quilts and a box of spoons my mum and dad got as a wedding present.
What time did you wake up today? : 6:49am to turn my music off, then 10ish for my meds, then 12ish for cuppa.

- b.k. x


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