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why I feel crap ....

1. Thursdays just suck anyway - the worst lessons.
2. I was up all night with a bad leg. If I had my own room, I woulda screamed.
3. My throat is killing.
4. I had a chance to stay at Fourwinds, but like a fool I went to college.
5. I was crying all through tech.
6. I was sleeping all through prof prac (cuz Dom is a windbag and he was basically saying what Deryck said on Tuesday, but making it all complicated and shite).
7. No-one noticed either of the above (even though they were obvious), and if they did no-one cared.
8. I have nothing against Janis (who will probably be my new support worker), but Tomzi is much more fun and Alun took him away from me.
9. It's Chris's study day, he's back at Fourwinds and ....
"So just call on me Becki, when you need a chair,
We all need somebody to sit on,
I just might be your sofa, although I don't care,
We all need somebody to sit on,
Sit on me ...." etc.
I just, erm, need somebody to sit on. We all do.
10. Last but not least I have that last-day-before-I-see-Pooka blues. It's been nearly two weeks and I'm missing him so much. Ah well, I see him tomorrow ....

Meh. D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DANGERMOUSE!!!!!!!!1111

I need to stop saying that, I don't even watch the frickin' programme .....


b.k. x

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