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I'm feeling kinda funny today. I heard that Keith Watkin, the father of my first ever boyfriend (if you could call him that, you probably couldn't) Andrew, has just died of a brain tumour. morti has already gone through this, so I don't feel I need to, but the thing is - Andrew is one of the happiest, craziest people I have ever known. It's so hard to imagine him upset, crying over what must be the greatest possible loss to him. I just can't imagine it. Blessèd Be to Andrew and Sue (Andrew's mum), and rest in peace, Keith.

Speaking of death, I was randomly reading last week's Kerrang! and it was in Breaker that Deryck Whibley almost died. Made me think - Pooka's been wishing death on him all this time, but how would he feel if it actually happened? You can say, "I wish they were dead", but would you start wishing that you hadn't wished? I've been going on about how I wish Lucy Crompton (Tim's ex and the most horrible person I have ever met) would fuck off and die, but I'd feel terrible if she did. Heck, she crashed her car recently, what if she did again and it was fatal? I'd feel like it was my fault for saying all this shit about her. It'd be the worst feeling ever.

Anyway, no time to be philosophical when my chips are getting cold.

- b.k. x

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