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There was a young woman named Hat,
Who happened to be rather fat.
She looked like a tank,
She made Alex wank,
And well, she's a bit of a twat.

There was a young man named Tim,
Who had trouble getting it in.
He was pretty damn tall,
But his dick was so small,
That someone thought it was a pin.

There was a young man called Shaun,
Who had an obsession with porn.
Someone found what he had,
And then he went mad,
And he wished that he'd never been born.

There was a young man named Chris,
Who had to go for a piss.
He was a bit lazy,
So then he went crazy,
And aimed for the toilet but missed.

There was a young man named Wig,
Who thought that his penis was big.
But when he looked down,
He could only frown,
Cuz it looked like the tail of a pig.

There was a young woman named Meg,
Whose clitoris looked like a peg.
She couldn't get laid,
Until Alex paid,
And then she got over a leg.

There was an old geezer named Ollie,
And he was a bit of a wally.
He took the piss out of us,
He took the door off the bus,
And then he was not very jolly.

There was a young woman named Bex,
Who wanted to have lots of sex.
And then she met Pooka,
Who had a dick like a bazooka,
And came like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

There was a strange bloke named Dom,
Who liked to fuck his mum.
They fucked every day,
Until he said he was gay,
Because Deryck made him cum like a bomb.

Now Alex, he's a bit of a perv,
He doesn't like ladies with curves.
He prefers them to be fat,
Like the aforementioned Hat,
And they get on everyone's nerves.

There was a young man named Lee,
Who decided to name his willy.
Andrew Lucas was its name,
Masturbation was its game,
And as for his balls, he has three.

There was a young woman named Hattie,
And she was annoyingly chatty.
She weighed half a ton,
And she said "NICE ONE!!!1",
So we sent her off to Cincinnati.

There was a young woman named Flik,
Who liked to suck on Chris's dick.
But for life she was scarred,
Because he came too hard,
And made her a little bit sick.

There was a young man named Joel,
Who liked to take men up his hole.
But he liked them so old,
That they were wrinkly and bald,
But he thought it was good on the whole.

There was a young man named Ben,
Who was the most desperate of men.
He needed a shag,
So he found a dirty slag,
And he fucked her again and again.

There was a boy named Peter Stevens,
Whose penis was very uneven.
He went on computers,
To look up big hooters,
So big that he couldn't believe them.


b.k. x

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