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I'm in a band now. We are ....

Becke "Bikki" Hayes - vocals
Shaun Underhay - vocals
Sam Pedley - guitar
Steve Martin - drums
Will Angeloro - session guitar / producer

This is so cool. Shaun and I are gonna be equal lead singers, but I have a feeling I'd get more attention being as I'm female and that's the way it works. Plus I have more attitude than Shaun does. :P The names we were thinking of were "Living Proof", "Llama Garden" and "Lava". I didn't think of any of them, but they sound OK.

Will we be successful? Will we be any good? Will we completely fuck up? Fuck knows, but the best we can do is try. And if we're terrible, at least we'll have had a good time trying.

- b.k. x

PS. Any bassists free? :P
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