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smashmouthnaked just phoned me. Completely randomly.

Kate : "He doesn't love you? Why not? Is he gay?"
Bik : "I don't think so."
Kate : "He's gay! He is so gay! I bet he likes Sum 41. Bet he fancies Deryck."
Bik : "No, he doesn't."
Kate : "Does he look infected? If he doesn't, I'll make sure he does!"
Bik : "Why are you talking about Sum 41?"
Kate : "Because they're gay. Deryck looks infected. Pooka will soon!"
Bik : "How are you gonna infect him?"
Kate : "The same way I infected Deryck. GENITAL WARTS!"

Erm .... yes. :\

Oh yeh, Dan's in Jenn's room, topless, asking Stu to cum on his face. Seriously. :P

- b.k. x

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