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the two faces of me

Just talking to Pooka about this. I am completely two-faced.

Becke. [right side]
State of mind : Happy-clappy-trippy, but also very selfish.
Age : Under 18 - immature as fuck.
Homeland : Frome.
Best friends : Chris, Scott, Charlie.
Thoughts on family : For fuck's sake, Morty, shut up, and Jenn, stop snogging!
Thoughts on pets : Mikki's a little slag and I wish Jazz didn't moult on my clothes.
Favourite foods : There's nothing quite like a McDonald's. Or a nice red mullet.
Favourite drinks : Carling, Smirnoff Ice .... anything alcoholic.
Favourite bands : Busted, The Darkness.
Favourite hairstyle : MULLET!
Thoughts on love : Who needs it? Crushes and one-night stands are so much more fun.
Thoughts on shopping : Money's there for spending! Why bother saving it?
Thoughts on smoking : I fucking love it.
Best times at Farleigh : Burning stuff, pissing people off and wasting time.
Best times outside of Farleigh : Getting drunk, any time, anywhere.
Thoughts on religion : What's God ever done for me?
Thoughts on education : Fuck that!
Thoughts on weight : I think I am very fat, I'm fat, but my gosh, don't I love it?

Bikki. [left side]
State of mind : I'm too depressed to go on .... but I care, so it doesn't matter.
Age : Over 18 - all grown up now.
Homeland : Aldridge.
Best friends : Sam, Shaun, Rikki.
Thoughts on family : Lovely parents, lovely siblings - I couldn't hope for better.
Thoughts on pets : Cats are lovely, especially Biscuit. :(
Favourite foods : Stuff with cheese, or jelly .... that's when I want food at all.
Favourite drinks : TEA, of course! Or an apple J2O when I'm in the pub.
Favourite bands : James, Crowded House.
Favourite hairstyle : Those lovely pigtails Kelly did for my first show.
Thoughts on love : I can't live without love. I can't live without Pooka.
Thoughts on shopping : Christmas shopping's the best.
Thoughts on smoking : Duh! Give up!
Best times at Farleigh : The Lock Inn, comforting Rikki and my work placement.
Best times outside of Farleigh : Being with Pooka, any time, anywhere.
Thoughts on religion : I love Brigid. She's my God, and she will save me.
Thoughts on education : It hasn't been good so far, but I just need the right course.
Thoughts on weight : Too fat. Way too fat. Way, way, way too fucking fat.

I'm not sure who I like better, really. Bikki's nicer, but Becke's happier.

Bleh. I must cut myself in half.

- b.k. x

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