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long time, no tossip

Hmm .... what've I done since I last gave you the FSFC tossip?

* Had two cool-ass (say hello to my friends and family in Canada) weekends with Pooka. We fucked a lot. And did other stuff too. And fucked. And Kim and Kirsty walked in on us and I wanted to beat them. Meh.

* The emaciated beauty himself, Calista Pardoe, has been missing for the past week. He had pneumonia, poor little scrap. :( Ah well, he'll be back tomorrow. I need a sofa dammit.

* Alex and Hattie are now officially/unofficially (not sure which) together. They got off after one of their Skillmonger classes. Alex was the only one who gave sympathy when Hattie broke her last pair of glasses and now has to look at us cross-eyed until she gets (a) more glasses, (b) contact lenses or (c) laser-eye treatment. I personally think that (c) is the best option for her, but it ain't gonna happen.

* Hattie broke her .... no wait, I just explained that above. And remove your mind from the gutter if you're that kind of person.

* I missed cool-ass (say hello, etc.) trips to Bath (FUDGE!) and Bristol (SHOPS!), plus a quiet (!) weekend at Farleigh, because I went home this weekend. Ah well, sod it all, I'd rather be with my Pooki anyday. Which I was. :)

* Tim, Tom G, Peter S and maybe Joel are going off to Disneyland for a few days. Lucky arse bastards. :P I'll miss em (well, two of em), but I hope they 'ave a good time ("'AVE IT!").

* Emma and Tom CS are engaged, I think. All thanks to moi-ha-ha of course. Aww, bless.

* Meh.

b.k. x


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Jan. 26th, 2003 03:23 pm (UTC)
Sweet that you chose me over fudge and shopping.

You know what? Trips to Disneyland sound familiar. While some tossers from your place are going to Disneyland, some tossers from my place went to Disneyland.

The Geography department took them.


Because they wanted to.

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