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mmm, surreality.

escape is on your mind again
your heart has weak resistance
cover the scars
my nightmares are inspired by you
you have so much to be giving
your carvings move close to the vein
a tangled-up web of confusion
you can be stronger in your sleep
i'll find you a shelter to sleep in

you tried to keep it secret but i could tell it was true
you don't like me thinking although it makes no sound
i love you but i know that you don't love me
makes me feel so drowned
it's like some documentary
i don't ask for bliss
you don't need to miss me when you're out till morning light
kiss me goodnight
i'm too young for this

this broken promise hurt me more than anything
i will never lose my faith
love lasts forever and for me it still calls
i will never lose my love for you
crazy i will be until you come back to me
you are what i live for and die for
never ever lose my faith

i've got stuck in a few traps
i'm too fucking weak
i act like hyde but i'm jekyll inside
you always say that you don't care
why do i have to be such a fucking mess
what do i say on this crucial day
what do you want tonight
no denying just let it all shine through
kiss me

it is meaningless
we are not together
i wish i never had to sleep
i wish that we were connected
he is many miles away
we get together
these mean nothing to me
x x x x x

black clouds hanging over the domain
frostbite blows upon my face
i know i've risked my love again
i've given up everything
i love the pain
sleeping on a big mistake
four seasons in one day

love lay behind a curtain
when i found you i only set you aside
i can see the veins inside my eyes
i demise for your embrace
i fell in love as i watched you repose
it never wanes all it does is rise
fallen star
you're the love of my life

you love me and you get so obsessed
i hope we can stay friendly
it's not the end of the world
you want to be with me all night and all day
it's so hard to let you down gently
stay clear and i'll send the remittance
you're driving me round the bend
i'm about to outburst mentally
it's not goodbye just good riddance

in one single moment your whole life can turn round
i've changed and i've grown up
i'm truly in love and true love lasts forever
it's hard to take
i ain't got what it takes
i can't imagine my life without you and me
you see my face and it just makes you enraged
there's much more sugar in your tea
everything is just gone
there's no restoration
why has it crashed and burned
nothing could be as important to me as you
see how much this pain hurts
i cry and beg you to stay
you've got to walk away now

looked all over and i found nowhere
all over the world and still nowhere
i looked in every single place
my purpose in this life
i looked for a friend
nobody understands me
there's nowhere i can show my face
my feelings about this life
love i can't taste my life's a waste
somebody must want me somewhere
somewhere i'll be no-one but me
somewhere somehow maybe not right now
i'll make it there

Hmm. That was fun. I get bored, y'know.

- b.k. x


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