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Just mentioned this in a comment on kieran24_7, but I feel that it's important enough to mention on my own as well. I know it has nothing to do with me, but as an ex-classroom assistant, I personally think that it's one of the worst terrorist attacks I have ever heard of. I'm talking about the Russian school.

I've seen it on the news a couple of days (in fact, I just went downstairs and saw it on a matter of minutes ago), and I think it is a terrible thing. It's bad enough that these terrorists are holding hostages in army camps etc., but why a school of all places? A school containing young children, many of whom probably have no idea what's going on, or have only just found out. Some adults who were in situations like this might have been a danger to them (that doesn't justify killings at all, but you know what I mean), but what have children done to anyone?

I was thinking about how it would feel if it was Frome they descended on (doubt it, but meh) and it was the school I worked in that was held hostage. Children I worked with, children I knew well. Even my darling Sophie who, despite being aged about 7 and a kid at my work placement, became one of my closest friends by the end of my time at Farleigh. Or little Hayley who wouldn't stop crying, or Katy-May who would be unprotected from making herself have seizures. What if there are children like them, who have problems, caught in the school in Russia? The mere thought of that makes the whole thing feel worse.

OK, so I'm in a bit of trouble myself. OK, so I have boyfriend (well, ex-boyfriend) problems which have put me in a state of emotional turmoil, and in turn made me have a lot more fits. OK, so my mouth is killing me and it's possible that my nose could be broken. OK, so I have no future as far as I know, I'm bored as fuck and my period has been going seven weeks. But what's all that compared to how those children must be feeling, and their teachers and parents? I shouldn't complain about me so much when there are so many people worse off.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

- b.k. x


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