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you're all i want my lover to be
i wish i could see you naked
i want you
i think that i'm obsessed with you
god must have spent a lot more time on you
i need you here with me
every time i look at you
you know that i won't stop until i've got you
get closer to you
make me feel good inside
i want you
i need you

is this a mistake
do you know who i am
will you love me all night long
you're the master
you know you'll adore it
am i lucky
am i slammed

you think it will last
i hope every day
a long time ago did death do us part
a lover who's perfect will never love you
i sleep around
never broken a love always true
i left him for a love that couldn't be
i love myself away
my immoral immortal

your place it'll never be mine
do i want him back again is all that i thought
i'm a strong woman
they said that's a shame
just me with thoughts of you in my head
i don't mind being alone
i remember what you did to me
there was sentiment and a little bit of pain
i can't let red-breasted birds drive me too mad
no you'll never affect me now i've got a life of my own

so many emotions i can't untangle
it all happens at the same time
once in a blue moon
you don't make sense
neither of us wants to act sensibly
life isn't serious it's just a game
complete madness
i'm stuck like this it's just my fate
don't you feel this telepathy

nobody's ever gonna see my face
destined to stay
i wish i could object to this abuse
locked away
did you ever realise what you're doing to yourself
i fear
it's all gone to waste
i'm never noticed though i try so hard
stuck in here
a brighter shade of red every day
you don't need to make me feel so convicted

- b.k. x


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