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The Sandy Balls caravan is being sold. All because some old family "friends" went down there and stabbed the whole family in the back. They said it was a mess - it fucking wasn't! Fag burns - OK, so Sam and I smoked, but we didn't see any burns, neither did we smoke inside. Cheap supermarket beer cans - we only drank proper beer on the holiday, and we cleaned all the cans up anyway. Cotton buds - sounds like Cat doing her make-up, but she and Jenn don't know anything about them. Bubblegum - none of us had bubblegum. None of this shit came from us, so why are we being blamed? Because it's convenient, that's why.

I'm so annoyed. Our holiday was wonderful, so was the one the year before with Pooka and Jenn and Cat and Kim. Rikki had already started planning next year's, he really wanted to go being as he missed this one. I'm pretty sure Jenn and her mates wanted to go again. Morti was planning one for new year's. How could a woman whom we used to be so close to that we called her "Auntie Dawn", even though she wasn't related to us, do something like this? I hate the bitch now, and her husband, and her son Michael (but then, apparently everyone hates Michael Martin, so that's nothing new). I have heard nothing of Gemma Martin and Richard's apparently fit, so it's harder to hate them, but I think I will anyway. Bloody Martins. Except Dan Martin, but he's from a different Martin family altogether (must stop bringing him into everything, it's not healthy). Don't hate Steve Martin either cuz he's cool, and I've heard from Morty and Stu that Dan's mum's pretty hilarious as well.

Told Shaun, he wasn't quite as pissed off as I thought he would be but he's still v. unhappy about it. He's in optimism mode at the moment, nothing could break him. Hana and Chris, whom I was going to invite next year, said "that's gay". Rikki pretended he didn't care but is probably crying (he's that type - aww, bless). Haven't talked to Sam yet, doubt he'll be too bothered cuz he never is. I'll let Steve know soon, he won't be pleased. Neither will anyone who went before, even the ones who were unlikely to go again, such as Pooka and Kim.

Basically, as Alun would say, THIS SUCKS BIG FLOPPY DONKEY DICK!

- b.k. x


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