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From lovessunflowers

Popular interests among bikki's friends
1. music (11) 11. poetry (5)
2. writing (11) 12. art (5)
3. knightmare (7) 13. silverchair (5)
4. korn (7) 14. kittens (5)
5. cats (7) 15. bulimia (5)
6. depression (7) 16. reading (5)
7. books (6) 17. politics (5)
8. love (6) 18. singing (5)
9. tf (6) 19. eating disorders (5)
10. james (6) 20. sarcasm (4)
Interests gestalt
My most interesting friend is pookatimes who has 12 of these interests,
followed by bikz (10), vikkilynn (8) and movie_magic (8).
Normality Index
My friends are 59.38% normal.
Analyze me !
Popular interests created by _imran_

My friends like some cool stuff. Like cats - ownage! :)

This quiz is also ownage because it's from Bristol. I likes my Bristol.

Anyway, today will be .... interesting.
1. Going to doctors. Might be changing meds, when all I need is to stop being crazy.
2. Dan might be coming over. Ugh - unfinished business. :\

- b.k. x


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